A little preparation for delivery can also make the birth of your baby go more smoothly. Discuss your questions about your labor with your provider at Capital Region Women’s Care during your regular visits. Ask questions including:

  • When should you call our office?
  • How do you reach your provider after hours?
  • Should you go directly to the hospital or call first?
  • What steps should you follow when you think you are in labor?

In preparing for delivery, it is essential to plan ahead. Pack your bags when your delivery date nears and plan your transportation to the hospital ahead of time. If you have other children, make arrangements for child care while you go to the hospital. Work arrangements can also be worrisome. Notify your coworkers and be sure to plan how your workload will be covered after you have the baby.

Some mothers and fathers perform a “dry run” before D-day. You may want to rehearse going to the hospital to get a sense of how long it could take and everything you need to do. Prepare for a different route if there are delays on the regular route. Have a backup plan. Thoroughly preparing for your delivery will allow you to focus on the miracle of birth when the special day finally comes.